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Selected Works by Brian Garfield

Some works by Brian Garfield:

ARIZONA. Western novel. Ballantine 1969. Nominee for Western Writers of America's Golden Spur award, 1970.

CHECKPOINT CHARLIE. Collection of espionage short stories.

DEATH SENTENCE. Suspense novel. Filming in 2006.

DEATH WISH. Suspense novel. Filmed in 1974, with Charles Bronson. Sequels filmed in the 1980s and 1990s.

DEEP COVER. Suspense novel.

FEAR IN A HANDFUL OF DUST. Suspense novel. (Pen-name: John Ives.) Filmed as FLESHBURN.

THE HIT and THE MARKSMAN. Duo - suspense novels.

HOPSCOTCH. Suspense novel. Winner of Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Allan Poe Award as best novel of the year. Filmed in 1980. Screenplay co-written by Garfield was a nominee-finalist for the Writers Guild of America Award. The author’s company, Shan Productions, co-released the film.

KOLCHAK'S GOLD. Suspense novel. Brian Garfield’s favorite among his own novels.

THE LAST HARD MEN. Western novel. Filmed in 1976 with Charlton Heston and James Coburn.

LEGS. TV-movie based on original screen story & script by BG. 1983, ABC, with Gwen Verdon, John Heard, Sheree North. Musical about the Radio City Rockettes.

LINE OF SUCCESSION. Suspense novel.

MANIFEST DESTINY: A True Romantic Saga of Young Theodore Roosevelt. Historical novel.

NECESSITY. Suspense novel. Filmed for CBS TV in 1989, with Loni Anderson, John Heard.

THE PALADIN. Historical novel. By Brian Garfield in collaboration with "Christopher Creighton" (a pseudonym).

RECOIL. Suspense novel.

RELENTLESS. Suspense novel. Filmed for CBS TV in 1977 with Will Sampson, Marianna Hill, John Hillerman.


THE STEPFATHER. Movie based on original story by Brian Garfield -- 1987, with Terry O'Quinn, Shelley Hack. Garfield's company, Shan Productions, co-released the film. It spawned two sequels.

SUSPENDED SENTENCES - collection of short crime stories.

SWEENY'S HONOR. Historical novel.

THE THOUSAND-MILE WAR: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians. Nonfiction book. Pulitzer Prize finalist in History, 1970.


TRIPWIRE. Western suspense novel.

THE VANQUISHED. Historical novel.

THE VILLIERS TOUCH. Suspense novel.

WESTERN FILMS: A Complete Guide. Nonfiction book.


WILD TIMES. Historical novel. Nominee for an American Book Award. Filmed as television mini-series, 1980, with Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Dennis Hopper.